Success System

Tapping on Success System is the key to enabling business members to grow their teams effectively.

It is recommended to walk through with new members from Step 1 to 5 below, and guide them to do the same for others.

Do refer to this page as a point of communication with your members.

Step 1) Use Atomy products

New members are recommended to try out Atomy products themselves and feel the difference in quality and price compare to other products.

Do refer to guide on FAQ – Item 2 on how to purchase products on Atomy portal.

Step 2) Understand the Compensation Plan

Atomy works on a binary system with just 2 groups. You have a left and right group.

These two groups can have an unlimited number of people from different countries.

Your left group will be built by the sponsor, while you only need to focus on building your right group.

There are no registration/ membership fees or minimum monthly order.

Each product sold has a point value also known as PV.

When you first join Atomy you start out as a Member with 0 personal PV.

Once you purchased 10k PVs or more products, you will be promoted to Sales Rep and is eligible for commission (meaning you can start accumulating left and right group PVs).

Do note that:

  1. Personal PVs always accumulates and never expire or reset to 0 after a commission payout.
  2. Account/membership will be expired if you did not purchase any products from the Atomy portal for a period of one year.

And when you start accumulating your personal PVs over time, so does your membership rank grows as well.

The commission is calculated on a daily basis, where the minimum matching PVs is 300k.

You can start earning commission with 10k personal PV (Sales Rep) but will encourage members to reach 300k personal PV (Agent) for a $70 USD commission instead of $24 USD.

Do note that

  1. Group PVs are calculated 100% upwards with no expiry date.
  2. Once a commission is paid, the left and right group PVs will reset to 0, and start accumulating again for the next matching.

Do refer to compensation plan video here for more information.

Step 3) Attend Success Academy

New members are recommended to attend Success Academy and understand Atomy vision and Chairman Han-Gill Park operating principles.

Do refer to Success Academy videos here for more information.

Step 4) Setting up account

New members do ensure that

  1. Account type is either “Agent, Distributor, Business”
  2. Update bank account detail in “My Office” page
  3. Have at least 10k personal PV (recommend to have 300k for higher commission)

Do refer to the guide at FAQ – Item 5 to 8.

Step 5) Register new members

New members can learn how to register account through the Atomy portal, on the guide at FAQ – Item 3 to 4.